GoToConnect allows businesses to build a customised phone system that meets their specific needs. Make calls, attend meetings and send messages, on any device from anywhere in the world.

GoToConnect integrates phone systems and maps call flows visually. It allows users to access the support centre to enhance the efficiency and performance of their teams. It can also power voice experience through integration with Microsoft Teams. 

Better Together with Microsoft Teams and GoToConnect

When integrated with Microsoft Teams, GoToConnect becomes the ultimate online communication tool for your business. Mutually developed by Microsoft and LogMeIn, the integration unites capabilities and tools that complement each other.

This seamless integration supports quick and easy communications with internal and external stakeholders. It’s a cloud-based phone system that enables businesses to increase productivity and reduce costs, while accessing industry-leading support. 

There are three key reasons for integrating GoToConnect with Microsoft Teams:

More for your money

Maximise the value of your investment in Microsoft Teams. When integrated with GoToConnect you get powerful external collaboration capabilities for one simple, all-inclusive price.

Improved performance

As the professional collaboration tool of choice, GoToConnect technology offers exceptional audio and video quality, combined with 99.996% uptime.

Premium support

Knowledgeable, in-house customer service agents are available around the globe offering multi-lingual support. 

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