Azure Discovery &
Assessment Program

Many businesses are seeking better ways to migrate their existing applications to a cloud infrastructure to enjoy the same advantages achieved by building applications natively in the cloud. Ingram Micro has developed a comprehensive strategy around the IaaS lifecycle including complete cloud migration and deployment solutions for partners as they build and grow their IaaS practices.

The stage at which an opportunity has been qualified is followed by the assessment which includes:

Discovery of the existing environment

Identify workload readiness such as disaster recovery or workload migration

Cost Analysis and consumption estimate

Architecture and design of the infrastructure

Join Ingram Micro’s Azure Assessment & Migration Program and receive free pre-sales assessment, services, consultation, and support. Submit your qualified opportunities and let us do the discovery for you. This program delivers free assessment services to each qualified customer.

In order to become approved in the engagement and crediting, opportunities must be approved. Qualified opportunities are: 10-20 workloads and require a pre-assessment questionnaire to be completed by you and your end customer.