Modern Working with Cloud Unified Communications

Sustained market growth for Cloud services and adjacent technologies means significant business opportunity. Digital transformation, infrastructure as a service and software as a service contribute to this acceleration. For partners, this time for opportunity is NOW. With available tools and support, Ingram Micro are dedicated to helping you realise the infinite possibilities and accelerating your success in the Cloud.
Why Ingram Micro Cloud?

Our Cloud partners who are looking to migrate to the Cloud often talk about automating processes, the need for speed, mobilising their end users and how to differentiate themselves from their competition. Our answer? People, Platform, Portfolio.

New to Ingram Micro Cloud?

Becoming a part of our ever-growing infinite ecosystem, simplify and accelerate your success in the Cloud. Let us become an integral piece of your value proposition by working in the perfect partnership.

The Modern Workplace

What’s enabling our workspaces to be more connected with the modern world?

Providing the right digital tools to supplement the demands of a new workforce, we’re increasingly becoming innovative in how we manage and lead enterprises into the future. Consequently, collaboration and productivity are beginning to be a normalised ingredient we all crave as a result of this.

UCC creates integrated experiences which complement the modern workplace by delivering improved user experience, communications and reduced IT costs.

Entering the modern workplace doesn’t come without its challenges. To make the most of this new era of advanced technology, you need to understand where you may be falling short.
UCC Solutions

With a new wave of transformation changing the modern workplace, new functionalities to complement this revolution in new technology start to spring to life.

UCC solutions help businesses perform better and more efficiently through connecting the workplace with communication channels and integrations.

Partners expanding their portfolios to provide UCC solutions are responsible for connecting their end-users in more ways than one; Internet Protocol (IP-PBX), Voice over IP (VoIP) and unified messaging (UM).

With the variety of solutions that fall under UCC, it’s important to understand your the best route to market with dedicated support from Ingram Micro.

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